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Explore Marley CoolBoost Fluid Cooler Controls

Marley closed-circuit fluid coolers are available with (2) highly-configurable CoolBoost control packages. Basic relay-based control can be upgraded to a digital PLC with a touchscreen HMI interface via the use of the new CoolBoost OPTI Panel. Explore both options and select your ideal package today!

Explore Marley Fan Options

Cooling towers exist on most hospitals, universities, and large commercial buildings, many of which are in close proximity to residential neighborhoods, patient rooms and office space. When sound emission from the cooling tower becomes a component of your equipment selection, Marley has (3) standard fan options to help meet local noise ordinances.

Basin Heater Controls

Cooling towers that operate into the shoulder seasons (Spring/ Fall) or remain online through the winter require freeze protection. Basin heating systems are a common solution to prevent freezing in the collection basin and at the outlet connections. Marley offers (2) solutions – a stand-alone, contractor grade system with fixed setpoint, or a highly integrated, digitally controlled Advanced Basin Heater (ABH) system.

Marley advanced basin heater package

Marley WaterGard

Patent-pending Marley® WaterGard™ pre-conditions cooling tower makeup water to enable equipment operation at increased Cycles of Concentration (COC) – potentially up to 10 COC or more – reducing wastewater and overall water usage. MARLEY® WaterGard™ CONSERVES WATER • EASY OPERATION

  • Reduces water usage (withdrawal) up to 59%*
  • Reduces wastewater (discharge) up to 88%*
  • Reduces discharge losses of water treatment chemicals LEED points available
  • Augments existing water treatment