Fluid Cooler Control Packages

Marley Cooling Towers

Closed-circuit fluid coolers are a great solution for smaller heat pump, industrial cooling and other processes where clean system water is critical. Controlling new cooling towers can be complex, but Marley’s CoolBoost FC control solutions simplify operation and streamline efficiency.

Marley CoolBoost Fluid Cooler Control Options:

Marley Fluid Coolers can be provided with (2) comprehensive control systems, depending on the customer’s integration and optimization preferences. These control systems can be configured for use with all Marley MHF, Marley LW and Marley DT Fluid Coolers.

Counter flow cooling tower gearboxMarley Cooling Tower Gearbox Inside a cooling tower gearbox

CoolBoost Basic Fluid Cooler Controls

  • NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated Enclosure
  • Hinged and Lockable Outer Door
  • External Disconnect with Lockable Handle
  • Main CB with Thermal and Magnetic Overload Protection
  • Recirculation Pump Motor Starter (with HOA Switch)
  • Pilot LIghts
  • Status Contacts
  • Built to UL508 and CUL508 Safety Requirement Standards
  • *Optional Electronic Water Level Controls
  • *Optional Basin Heater Controls
  • *Optional VFD Feeder Breaker (for N3R external VFD – mounts next to panel)
  • *Optional Integrated Damper Controls

CoolBoost OPTI FC Controls (Digital)

  • Optimize System Performance with Flexible Operating Modes
    • Dry Priority – fan-first or no-pump options to prioritize water savings
    • Wet Priority – pump-first or no-fan to prioritize energy savings
  • Intuitive Operation with PLC Control Logic and Touchscreen HMI
    • Integral PLC for selectable control options – Hand/ Off/ Auto
    • BMS integration allows remote or local control
  • BACnet Communications Compatibility Simplifies Integration with BMS
  • 65KAIC SCCR Short Circuit Rating
  • Built to UL508 and CUL508 Safety Requirement Standards
  • *Optional Additional Temp Sensor Integration for Coil Inlet/Outlet Feedback to BMS
  • *Optional EC Fan Motor Control, Eliminating Need for VFDs (based on EC availability)
  • *Optional VFD Integration for Fan Control with Bypass Function
  • *Optional  Basin Heater / Electronic Water Level / Vibration Switch Integration