Factory Authorized Services

Dyna-Tech is your first stop for factory-authorized service and support in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Delaware.

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Dyna-Tech Factory Authorized Services

Cooling Towers / Fluid Coolers/ Evap Condensers

  • Startup/ Commissioning/ Training
  • Equipment Inspections & Reports
  • Fill Replacements
  • Complete Renovations/ Rebuilds
  • Coil Replacements
  • Mechanical and Performance Upgrades
  • Vibration Testing & Analysis
  • Drivetrain Alignments


  • Laser Alignments for Flex Coupled Pumps
  • Seal Replacements
  • Bearing Replacements
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Motor Swaps
  • Complete Pump Replacement/ Installation

Filtration Systems (Open and Closed Loop)

  • Aftermarket/ Add-on Filtration Systems
  • Backwash Holding Tanks with Controls
  • Replacement Filter Media/ Discs
  • Pump and Actuator Replacements
  • OEM PEP Parts
Process Water Filtration | cooling tower

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

  • Waterside Economizer Retrofits
  • Process System Upgrades
  • Heat Pump/ Indirect Cooling Applications
  • Plate Cleanings / Replacements
  • Gasket Replacements
  • OEM Parts

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