About Dyna-Tech

We Are Engineers First

An HVAC company built on engineering.

For over 30 years, Dyna-Tech Sales Corp has been an HVAC equipment manufacturer’s representative in Northern NJ, originally focusing on premium custom air handling units and critical exhaust fans for the pharmaceutical industry. The company was founded on an expertise in custom air handlers and system integration. As the company evolved, current ownership expanded the company’s product offerings as well as integrating design/build construction and laboratory product components to the business.

Technical Leader for
the Past 12 Years

Over the course of the past 12 years, Dyna-Tech has committed to becoming a technical leader in the marketplace, and has hired degreed engineers exclusively as our sales and technical support team. We now have (2) licensed Professional Engineers in our senior management group, and a team of highly competent sales engineers to support our customers. Our sales team is comprised of degreed engineers, bringing a scientific approach to product application and system integration. Our goal is to deliver an engineered solution to the marketplace; we develop projects from the ground up based on solid engineering fundamentals and the latest innovations in equipment and technology.