Basin Heater Packages

Marley Basin Heater Packages

Marley offers a basic stand-alone basin heater package, or an upgraded Advanced Basin Heater package, which offers the operator an adjustable setpoint, remote setbacks for waterside economizing, heater test buttons and digital temperature read out via a real RTD sensor.

Marley advanced basin heater package



Marley BASIC Basin Heater Package (Contractor Grade)

  • Standard “tried and true” standalone technology
  • Utilizes thermistor temp sensor for rough cut in/ cut out control
  • Relay based, fixed setpoint control scheme (40-45F)
  • Main lockable disconnect on main panel cover
  • N4X weatherproof panel enclosure
  • Manual TEST of the contactor is possible via resistor, included in panel to “fake” a low temp condition
  • No status, remote enable or temp feedback to building
  • *Optional integrated circuit breaker or fusing – no standard upstream protection

Marley Advanced Basin Heater (ABH) Package

  • Utilizes digital, programmable controller with LCD screen, displaying real time basin temp AND setpoint temp
  • Remote setback capability for waterside economizing applications (via remote contact at BMS)
  • Utilizes real RTD temp sensor in lieu of simple thermistor
  • Optional 4-20mA temp feedback signal to BMS
  • Push-button TEST function for pre-season functional test in lieu of resistor-based test in standard unit
  • Panel mounted pilot lights
  • Status contacts for remote monitoring
  • *Optional 65KAIC SCCR Rating