S301L and S304 stainless steels are two of the most common stainless-steel grades used in cooling tower basin construction. A higher number must mean a better material, right?

Stainless steel cooling tower basins are fully welded at the seams, which is one of the great benefits of this option when it comes to rigidity, equipment life and leak prevention.  However, the welding process superheats the material and changes the material properties of the stainless steel – this is where the “L” in S301L comes into play. The LOW carbon content of the S301L stainless steel gives the welded seam better corrosion resistance than the same joint constructed using S304. After extensive testing and material R&D, this is why Marley has selected S301L as their standard stainless steel grade for welded basins instead of S304.

To learn more about the difference between S301L and S304 in cooling tower applications, check out the following video:

Marley® 301L vs 304 Stainless Steel – YouTube

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