Enhanced Filtration Efficiency: The Evoqua High-Efficiency Vortisand Microsand Filter utilizes a unique microsand media filtration technology. This advanced filtration process effectively removes particles down to sub-micron levels, providing superior water clarity and cleanliness. By capturing and removing fine particles, the filter helps prevent fouling and scaling, thereby improving overall cooling tower performance.

Improved System Efficiency: Particles suspended in the cooling tower water, such as sand, silt, rust, and biological matter, can negatively impact system efficiency. These contaminants can accumulate on heat exchange surfaces, reducing heat transfer efficiency and hindering optimal cooling tower operation. By removing these particles, the Vortisand Microsand Filter helps maintain clean heat exchange surfaces, maximizing system efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Reduced Maintenance and Downtime: The presence of suspended particles in cooling tower water can lead to increased maintenance requirements and system downtime. Fouling of heat exchange surfaces and the growth of biofilms can necessitate frequent cleaning and maintenance, resulting in operational disruptions. By effectively removing particles, the Vortisand Microsand Filter reduces the frequency of maintenance activities, prolonging equipment lifespan and minimizing downtime.

Enhanced Water Treatment Efficiency: The Vortisand Microsand Filter can complement existing water treatment processes in your cooling tower system. By removing fine particles, the filter helps maintain the effectiveness of chemical treatments and disinfection processes. This enhances the overall water treatment efficiency, reduces chemical consumption, and promotes a healthier water environment, mitigating the risk of scaling, corrosion, and microbial growth.

Environmental Sustainability: The Vortisand Microsand Filter is designed to be environmentally friendly. Its filtration process eliminates the need for disposable filter cartridges, which reduces waste generation and associated disposal costs. Additionally, the filter’s high efficiency in particle removal contributes to water conservation by minimizing the need for frequent backwashing or water replenishment.

Customizable Solutions: Evoqua offers a range of Vortisand Microsand Filter models, allowing you to choose a system that aligns with your specific cooling tower requirements. Whether you have a small-scale HVAC cooling tower or a large industrial application, there are options available to accommodate various flow rates and filtration capacities.

By incorporating an Evoqua High-Efficiency Vortisand Microsand Filter into your HVAC cooling tower system, you can benefit from improved filtration efficiency, enhanced system performance, reduced maintenance, and increased environmental sustainability.