There are several factors to consider when selecting a water-filter for a cooling tower including: system design, efficiency, water quality, flow rate, and cost. 

Some of the most common options are sand (media) filters, cartridge, centrifugal separators, screen filters, disc filters, and bag filters – each of which have their own pros and cons – but side-stream filtration systems are generally regarded as the most effective and efficient choice for cooling tower applications.

This is because a side-stream filtration system continuously filters a small portion of the system’s circulating volume, removing the suspended solids that foul your system, and yields the following benefits:

**Improved Water Quality**
The removal of dirt, debris, and bacteria from cooling tower water improves water quality, reduces the risk of scale buildup and corrosion, and helps mitigate the risks associated with legionella growth.

**Reduced Maintenance Costs**
By removing impurities from the water, side-steam filtration systems reduce the frequency of cleaning and maintenance, increasing reliability and reducing shutdown and PM requirements.

**Increased Efficiency**
Side-stream filtration systems increase the overall efficiency of your cooling tower by reducing the inevitable scale buildup and corrosion that degrades heat transfer.

The preferred types of side-stream filters available for cooling tower applications include centrifugal separators, screen filters and high efficiency media filters, some of which we’ve detailed below.

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