Evoqua High-Efficiency Filtration

Evoqua Vortisand – High-Efficiency Media Filtration Down to 0.5 micron

  • Ideal for cooling systems and process loops where maximum suspended solids removal is critical
  • Provides superior filtration to standard media filters with lower backwash rates
  • Requires smaller vessel sizes and flow rates than commercial media filters
  • High-efficiency filtration reduces chiller and heat exchanger maintenance and system shut downs

Evoqua VAF Self-Cleaning Screen Filter

  • High-efficiency solids removal with minimal energy usage
  • Selectable mesh sizing for internal filtration screen based on application
  • Flush cycle driven by system pressure, no external, motors or pneumatics required
  • Self-cleaning cycle driven by proprietary self-reversing screw system
  • Controller can be configured to cycle external valves for up to (4) tower basins worth of sweeper piping