As concerns about energy efficiency continue to grow, building owners and managers are increasingly interested in obtaining energy efficient certifications, the most common of which are the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification (LEED) and the Energy Star certification. 

LEED certification assesses your building’s efficiency in several categories, including energy and atmosphere, water efficiency, materials, resources, and indoor environmental quality.  To earn certification, your building must meet specific performance standards in each category.

Energy Star certification, on the other hand, evaluates your building’s energy performance on a scale of 1 to 100. Buildings that receive a score of 75 or higher are eligible for certification.

Your building’s HVAC system and cooling tower(s) play a significant role in determining a building’s overall energy efficiency, and therefore play a critical factor in determining its score.

Among the factors that can impact your cooling tower’s energy efficiency, the most relevant is tower type, as older, less efficient cooling towers can significantly increase a building’s energy consumption, while modern, energy-efficient models can help reduce energy costs, earning your building more certification points.

Regular maintenance – including cleaning and inspections – is another essential factor that can help ensure your cooling tower is operating at peak efficiency, as neglected cooling towers can lead to energy waste and even failure, which’ll ultimately hurt your building’s energy efficiency certification.

Finally, the location of your cooling tower can also impact your building’s certification, as placing a cooling tower in direct sunlight can reduce its efficiency, while locating it in a shaded area can help it operate more efficiently.

In conclusion, by ensuring that your cooling tower is energy-efficient, well-maintained, and located appropriately, you can help your building achieve its energy efficiency goals and earn valuable certifications.

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