Top 10 Reasons to Build a New Lab:

  1. Outmoded Space: Retrofitting outdated lab furniture and equipment may not be feasible in your current space.
  2. Relocating Workers: Building a new lab allows workers to continue their work uninterrupted until the new space is ready.
  3. Seismic Grade: Meeting current seismic standards is crucial for sensitive equipment that may not function properly in an old lab.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Some lab spaces do not meet the latest ASHRAE guidelines for energy reduction, even with high-efficiency equipment.
  5. Inappropriate Repurposing: Repurposing a lab may not align with the specific requirements of new applications, necessitating costly alterations.
  6. Hidden Costs: Unforeseen issues behind walls, ceilings, and floors can lead to unexpected expenses during renovations.
  7. Disrupting Other Labs: Vertical lab setups with interconnected MEP systems may require shutting down other departments during renovations.
  8. Renovation Time: Keeping part of the lab operational during renovations can lead to unpredictable timelines and delays.
  9. HVAC System Replacement: Outdated HVAC systems may lack the capacity to handle updates such as cleanrooms or vivariums.
  10. Cost Comparison: Building a new lab may only incur a 30% to 40% higher cost than a major renovation, making it a worthwhile investment.

Consider these factors when deciding whether to build a new lab or renovate your existing space. The benefits of a new lab, including modern specifications, uninterrupted workflows, and improved energy efficiency, often outweigh the challenges and costs of renovation.

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